What are the common causes and symptoms of cataract?

What are the common causes and  symptoms of cataract?

A cataract is basically a clouding that develops in the optical lens and it is one of the key threats to the ophthalmic health. In the majority instances, cataract has a relation to aging and elderly individuals are prone to catch this trouble so get https://www.medicalinsurance2020.org. A recently conducted research exhibit the fact that, more than 2/3 of the global population, around the age of 80 years, are suffering from cataract, or they have undergone cataract surgery. Cataracts can appear either in one or both the eyes, however, it never spreads between the eyes.

What are the  major factors to trigger cataracts?

The optical lens that is positioned behind the pupil and the iris, functions in a manner, similar to the working of a camera. Its purpose is to focus light onto the retina that lies along the back of the eyes. This is the place, wherein an  image gets recorded. In addition, the lens has the capacity to improvise the optic focus that enables an individual to see an object clearly, no matter it is positioned close to the eyes, or at a distance. The lens is  made up of protein and water majorly. This protein gets arranged in a precise manner so that it retains its clarity to  allow light to travel through it. With aging, a portion of the protein tends to accumulate together and this triggers the formation of a cloud in some parts of the lens. This is the cataract, and with the passage of time, it keeps growing larger, covering more areas of the lens and making it almost impossible to see. In the opinion of Ophthalmic experts, smoking and diabetes are among the major factors that can trigger the chances of catching cataract. Alternatively, with aging, due to constant wearing and tearing of the lens can be another factor behind the appearance of cataracts.

What are the most commonly observed symptoms for Cataract?

Following are the symptoms that are commonly observed in Cataract victims:

  • Blurry or Cloudy Vision
  • A cataract victim is likely to get  a faded vision.
  • Sunlight, Car headlights and  lamps may start appearing excessively bright.
  • Appearance of a halo around lights.
  • Extremely poor vision during night.
  • As the Cataract starts growing larger, a victim is likely to get double visions or may observe multiple images in the damaged eye.

However, these symptoms can indicate other issues with the eye, and hence, you need to consult an eye specialist, if either of these problems seem to prevail longer than usual.