A true story about a special group of people and their dream to make music...

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Behind the Scenes - Bonus Materials featured on the DVD

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"For Once in My Life should be required viewing for anyone who makes music, promotes it, sells it or simply loves it. It’s a reminder of what makes it so important, and why it moves us the way it does.  It’s a story about why we write it, record it and perform it, and whom it touches. The music business is a massive both culturally and economically. For Once in My Life is a reminder of why there is a music business at all."

Nashville Public Television.

“The Goodwill Band is a triumph of the spirit, a celebration of overcoming the odds, and a chance to rock out with the happiest musicians on the planet.”

—The Miami Herald

“The sounds that emanate from the band are enough to bring an audience to its feet and tears to the eyes.”

—The Sun-Sentinel

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